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What French food products can I purchase on Gourmet Food Marketplace at wholesale prices for my business?

How can I purchase French food products on Gourmet Food Marketplace at wholesale prices for my business?

Where can I discover French food brands and importers that offer wholesale options with no minimum orders for businesses like ours?

Get wholesale French food products delivered straight to your business.

At Gourmet Food Marketplace, we connect brands and fine food importers with wholesale buyers. No minimum purchase requirement—buy as little as one case—so you can focus on building the most exciting and differentiated French food product selection for your customers. In stock, ready to ship, and come with fast shipping and true wholesale pricing.

Wholesale French food purchase guide

If you are looking to create a French grocery section in your store or bring the taste of France to your business, here are some of the top French brands we recommend.

For wholesale French snacks, we recommend La Mere Poulard for their galettes, palet breton, and French cookies. We also recommend Gavottes for their famous Crispy Crêpes Dentelles from Brittany. Gavottes also offers savory options, including savory Crispy Crêpes with Boursin cheese. If you are looking for France’s favorite cookie brand, be sure to check out LU for their Petit Beurre biscuits and Tuc crackers.

For wholesale French beverages and mixers, we recommend France’s best-selling syrup brand, Teisseire. For French juice, we recommend Thomas Le Prince for their single-serve ready-to-drink juice. For French lemonade, be sure to check out Val de France and Rieme, perfect for French restaurants, French grocery stores, gourmet stores, and many more.

For wholesale French pantry items, be sure to check out Henaff, France’s number one pâté brand. For French tinned seafood, we recommend Groix & Nature for their French spiced sardines and French seafood rillettes. For authentic Burgundy mustard, Edmond Fallot would be the one. We also have mustard from Meaux carried by Pommery. For French condiments, such as Béarnaise sauce, Hollandaise sauce, and more, check out Maison Potier.

For wholesale French baking supplies, we recommend French T45, T55, and French organic flour by Francine. We also recommend Clément Faugier for their chestnut spread and chestnut purée, which are key ingredients in French baking for desserts such as Mont Blanc.